ROOTALIVE Organic Beet Latte (150 gr)

ROOTALIVE Organic Beet Latte (150 gr)

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ROOTALIVE - Organic Beet Latte - 150 Gram(s) - NPN: 00000000 -- For many of us, a frothy and delicious latte is the most pleasurable part of our day. Why not make that pleasurable part of the day nutritious as well?Rootalive organic latte mixtures are the perfect addition to your routine and can also make for a healthy treat! Our range of organic latte powders provide endless health benefits and are bound to boost your energy levels. You will also be happy to know that latte mixtures can be served either hot or cold, which means you can match your latte to your mood or the weather.To make a hot latte at home, simply combine your Rootalive latte mix with warm milk and blend. You can also add a touch of natural sweetener to your latte if you are looking for a bit more of a warm treat!The best way to make an iced latte at home is to simply combine your latte mix with cold milk over ice and mix well. Nothing complicated here just an easy and nutritious iced latte that you will love!One thing that you will notice about our organic latte powders is that the ingredients in them are simple. These specifically chosen ingredients are meant to provide nutrition and boost your energy naturally.When looking at a regular latte, it is known that caffeine can cause sleep problems, restlessness, anxiety and agitation. It is also commonly known to be addicting and difficult to wean off of once consumed regularly.This is what makes Rootalive organic lattes such a great option! You can boost your energy levels naturally, without the need for added caffeine. Each latte mixture includes nourishing ingredients that will brighten your mood and provide you with many great benefits.Beet latte: A soothing mixture of beetroot powder, cacao and ginger to boost energy levels and provide dietary fiber.

INGREDIENTSOrganic beetroot powder Organic cacao powder Organic ginger powder

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