What happens when this island girl spends the day in heaven?

I knew I was about to experience magic and awesomeness as soon as my car left the ferry dock and rounded that first corner. I don't know what heaven is like, but I can imagine what I saw today would've been pretty darn close.

They called this island the island of intention. It is not one of those islands or places you pass through or happen upon. You come here because you made the conscious decision to be here. The draw of this island? It gives you exactly what you need at that moment

What happens when this island girl spends the day in heaven?

Narrow roads wind through the thick, lush forest like a serpent. The tree-top canopy is so dense only flickers of sunlight light your way. The sounds are so quiet you can hear eagles chattering all around you, well hidden, but their voices are so very present

Then just around a bend, you notice a herd of horses roaming on pastures of land so large and lush they seemingly are running wild. Families of deer peek out from the forest edging,  working up the courage to saunter from side to side

Ocean Inlets and bays provide beauty that can only be captured through your eyes to your soul. No film or camera can share the feeling, the power and the emotion.

Walking on the ocean floor after the tides have receded leave you speechless. Just how many feet of water will rush back in as the moon shifts and releases her hold on the earth?

Tidal pools brimming with life and sea creatures holding out hope there is enough water to keep them alive until they are back safely beneath the sea. Have you ever seen sand dollar shells covering the ocean floor? 

When out in the distance, the loud barking sounds of sea lions break the silence, and eagles begin to dive into the shallows to capture fish that are beginning to surface.

Yes, today, here and now, felt like it could be heaven. My dad and Maggie were here today. Their presence was in every breath of wind, every swaying tree, on the wings of eagles and the backs of crabs and crustaceans. They were here, and I was with them in my heaven for a day