Live Right Shop Local Program - Introducing TJB Recycled Wood Design

What does a retired millwright do with his spare time? Find ways to keep working, of course. But only now, the type of work he focuses on is finding ways to change rough and tumbled driftwood into home decorations and his latest project. My personal favourite is taking whisky barrels that have been retired from the commission and creating beautiful zen-like  Oak Whiskey Barrel Staves

Oak whiskey barrels are used to age whiskey. How long the whiskey stays in the barrel often determines the quality and value of the created whiskey. One whiskey barrel may have been used time and time again for each new batch, keeping some of the barrels in operation for many years. Once the barrel no longer serves its purpose of making whiskey, the well-charred oak barrel may be used for other spirits, or it may be taken out of commission completely

The art of using oak whisky barrels for decoration is not new. You may see them as planters, outdoor tables etc. What is starting to evolve as a new home project for the talented woodworker is breaking down the barrels and using the staves ( the rings of wood that create the barrel)  to create many different home décor items.

TJB Designs uses them to create beautiful candle, plant or brandy, sniffer holders.

Looking for a unique gift or  a distinctive piece to create your zen-like home experience?

These one-of-a-kind candle holders are made from authentic actual working whiskey barrels. "TJB Recycled Wood Design" has given life to oak whiskey barrels initially used to make some of the finest whiskey in Canada. TJB Recycled Wood Designs has taken the staves that make up the barrel (once decommissioned) and makes beautiful candle holders, brandy sniffer holders, wine glass holders etc. 

Handmade, each stave is carefully separated from the barrel and then meticulously sanded, stained and sealed in 3- 5 stages to bring out and protect the oak's beauty and create a smooth furniture-grade surface. The character of the wood has been preserved with a graceful downward curve.

Great for Gifts - Perfect for anniversary gifts, retirement gifts, bridal registries, bridal showers, wedding gift baskets, etc. Each piece is as unique as the story of the whiskey the barrel held.


Note:  Decorations are not included and are for display only. This product should not be in direct sun to protect the delicate finish. The product is a final sale and not refundable. 

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